Christina & Ryan

“Mike was the first to arrive at the ranch on the wedding day, lucky enough to encounter the black bear on the property. He scouted out the property and the day began. His personality is, for lack of a better word, perfect for the job he does. He is personable, fun and easy which makes the “photographed” feel at ease and natural, making for successful and flattering photographs. His documentary style is unique and exciting. His photographs are very alive and dynamic. I wasn’t able to be everywhere at once, but through his photographs, I feel like I can share a bit more in everyone’s celebration. Mike is the one for capturing facial expressions and emotions. Mike was amazing at not only being invisible when needed (during the ceremony), but also has a talent for working with all the family members. He knows what compositions he wants, he knows how to ask for them and he gets results quickly, so our guests didn’t have to wait all that long! big plus for everyone. Having said that, he was more than happy to oblige our every need, desire and request. His only downfall was that I wanted to hang out with him more, but he was “on the job”. I know I speak for my husband and Mother when I say I am indebted to Mike for doing the job that I had hoped for. Picking a photographer can be daunting, as the market seems to be flooded these days. In conclusion, the three words I’d pick to describe Mike as a wedding photographer would be; comfortable, perceptive and prepared.” -Christina and Ryan Hostetler