Abby and Johnny

“Working with Mike Greener was a great experience. Obviously, I had never had my own wedding photographer before, but my husband and I had been to plenty of weddings and understood what we did not want in a photographer. I thought Mike Greener did a perfect job shooting our wedding. His approach seemed seamless to me and Mike blended in so well with the guests. We didn’t have too many ideas of what we wanted, but Mike always seemed to have a plan and we found him to be super helpful. We knew we wanted someone relaxed that could be sent off into the crowd and really capture what our friends and family are about.
When I went through the pictures just few days after the wedding, nothing was missing. Mike was there from the beginning. The traditional photos with family and the wedding party were an enjoyable experience and did not take a lot of time so we could still enjoy the cocktail party. I love the pictures of the wedding party getting ready, kids running all over the place, and he even got some great shots of the dog. Mike got the preparation, the walk down the aisle, the kiss, happy family members smiling after the ceremony, the dancing and speeches. I see something new every time I look through my wedding photos. Mike Greener was fun and laid back. The perfect wedding guest and a really nice guy with a great eye for what our Montana wedding was all about. When the light was falling behind the Bitterroot Mountains, Mike made sure he found John and I in the crowd and pulled us away for some of my favorite photos – you can totally count on him for something wonderful.” – Abby and John Moore