Ali & Drauslin

Greener_Mike_081713_Ali&DrauslinWedding_MJG_1267To say that I was pleased with Mike’s work is an enormous understatement. My wedding photos from Mike are the most gorgeous photos I’ve ever had. More importantly, they capture the joy, excitement, beauty, and overwhelming love that I felt on that day. There are so many PERFECT photos that it will be almost impossible to choose¬†which ones to frame.

From day one, Mike was communicative and responsive, and always relaxed and cheerful. At the wedding, his presence was one of calm competence. I gave him a list of family portraits to take, and he corralled our family into place with cheer and good humor. He was a pleasure to be around — one of my guests even commented how nice it was to see the photographer having FUN doing his job. My guests loved Mike, and he made all of us feel so comfortable. And during those times when you want to pretend he’s not there, he disappears: During the ceremony, I never once saw him or his partner, and yet the photos they captured during the ceremony are some of my absolute favorites.

The bottom line is that Mike’s skills are unparalleled — you will, without doubt, LOVE your photos. Just as important, he is a joy to be around. The photographer may be the person you have the most one-on-one time with during your wedding, besides your spouse-to-be; you want that person to be fun, easy-going, and charming. Mike is that person. I can’t recommend him highly enough.