Photo booth

MikeGreenerGoldBackgroundSometimes it’s the little things that can make a wedding celebration peak over the top of awesomeness. For some of my wedding clients, that means adding a Greener Visuals photo booth for your guests to play in and take photos of themselves throughout your wedding reception.  It’s always a crowd pleaser.

They are so much fun.

What I love about offering a photo booth to my clients is that it is totally customizable. It’s not restricted by a box. Any wall or scene can become a canvas for spontaneous creativity. You never know what kinds of funny moments are going to be captured throughout the evening celebration. The possibilities are limited only by the imagination of you and your wedding guests. I’ve been doing these for years now and I have yet to keep a straight face while editing through a photo booth take. So often they yield hilarious results.

Click below to view some of my favorite photo booth galleries from the past.




Emily & Matt’s Wedding Photo Booth at the Odd Fellows Hall in Davis, California


Greener_M_072112_JennChrisWeddingMillValley_3654Jenn and Chris’ Wedding Photobooth at the Ralston White Retreat in Mill Valley, California




Erin & Ryan’s Colorado Wedding Reception Photo Booth



Greener_M_11102011_LavishFabulous_10922011 Lavish and Fabulous Couture Bridal Event VIP Black Carpet Portraits