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Bozeman Wedding Photographer Teller Wildlife Refuge bride and groom portrait
Bozeman Wedding Photographer Teller Wildlife Refuge bride and groom portrait

Remember not only what your wedding day looked like, but what it felt like through professional wedding photography.

What was the moment you knew you had found YOUR PERSON? How are they different from everyone else you’ve met? How do they make your life better and elevate you? Many people spend a lifetime searching for a love like this. And you’ve found it. It’s time to celebrate that with all the people who have been by your side along the way!

What if the feeling of being in love could be captured through wedding photography? To have photographs that are alive with love, special moments, and laughter on your walls. Photographs that serve as a constant reminder of just how special, unique, and lucky you are to have each other.

We specialize in creating a unique wedding photography experience that begins with a deep understanding of the special bond you have with one another. Imagine your Engagement Session that celebrates who you are to each other today – the foundation of your relationship; A Bridal Session during your big day that focuses on the essence of what it means to be a wife, a husband, a friend, and a partner in life; the candid Wedding Day where every important moment is captured for future generations to enjoy; the story within each interaction of your tribe that marks this day as one of the most important days of your life.


“To say that I was pleased with Mike’s work is an enormous understatement. My wedding photos from Mike are the most gorgeous photos I’ve ever had. More importantly, they capture the joy, excitement, beauty, and overwhelming love that I felt on that day. There are so many PERFECT photos that it will be almost impossible to choose which ones to frame.

From day one, Mike was communicative and responsive, and always relaxed and cheerful. At the wedding, his presence was one of calm competence. I gave him a list of family portraits to take, and he corralled our family into place with cheer and good humor. He was a pleasure to be around — one of my guests even commented how nice it was to see the photographer having FUN doing his job. My guests loved Mike, and he made all of us feel so comfortable. And during those times when you want to pretend he’s not there, he disappears: During the ceremony, I never once saw him or his partner, and yet the photos they captured during the ceremony are some of my absolute favorites.

The bottom line is that Mike’s skills are unparalleled — you will, without doubt, LOVE your photos. Just as important, he is a joy to be around. The photographer may be the person you have the most one-on-one time with during your wedding, besides your spouse-to-be; you want that person to be fun, easy-going, and charming. Mike is that person. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

“It’s hard to say what I appreciate more about Mike as a photographer- his positive energy and downright charming manner, or his fabulous photographs. It’s rare to find a person who is both easy-going and fun, AND extremely professional. Mike is both of these, and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a wedding photographer!

When it came time for our wedding, there was no question that we wanted Mike to be our photographer. We had him fly him out to California from Montana and we have zero regrets. I appreciated that Mike talked with me before the wedding to get a sense of our vision, and share some of his own ideas. When our plans for a fun photo shoot didn’t work out the day of our wedding, Mike just rolled with it and rescheduled it for later that weekend. He made a point of making sure that he wouldn’t add any extra stress to the event. Far from adding stress, Mike’s positive energy and supportive attitude made him a blast to work with, for my husband and I as well as our guests. At the end of the weekend, I kept hearing the same words from my friends and family, almost as though someone passed them a political talking point: “Best wedding photographer EVER!” And that was before we saw the photos…

Mike’s photojournalism background is evident in his approach to wedding photography: rather than doing round after round of boring posed portraits, Mike keeps the focus on candid shots, making people look their best while also looking REAL (though he snaps a nice portrait as well!) While looking through our wedding photos, I feel like I’m reliving the events, seeing genuine happiness and love in the faces of our friends and family. We now have the story of our wedding captured in beautiful photographs, and we will treasure them for a lifetime.”

“Mike was the first to arrive at the ranch on the wedding day. While scouting out the property, he was lucky enough to encounter the black bear which he calmly shooed it off by waving his cameras. Definitely not your typical start to a wedding day. Mike Greener’s personality is, for lack of a better word, perfect for the job he does. He is personable, fun and easy which makes the “photographed” feel at ease and natural, making for successful and flattering photographs. His documentary style is unique and exciting.

His photographs are very alive and dynamic.

I wasn’t able to be everywhere at once, but through his photographs, I feel like I can share a bit more in everyone’s celebration. Mike is the one for capturing facial expressions and emotions. Mike was amazing at not only being invisible when needed (during the ceremony), but also has a talent for working with all the family members. He knows what compositions he wants, he knows how to ask for them and he gets results quickly, so our guests didn’t have to wait all that long! big plus for everyone. Having said that, he was more than happy to oblige our every need, desire and request.

His only downfall was that I wanted to hang out with him more, but he was “on the job”. I know I speak for my husband and Mother when I say I am indebted to Mike for doing the job that I had hoped for. Picking a photographer can be daunting, as the market seems to be flooded these days. In conclusion, the three words I’d pick to describe Mike as a wedding photographer would be; comfortable, perceptive and prepared.”

“Mike Greener is absolutely the best. Our interest in him was first sparked by the quality of his beautiful photos online, but we became increasingly confident with him after reading his bio, speaking with him on the phone, and through email correspondence. It was truly tremendous to finally meet him and spend the day with him while he captured our memories. He made us comfortable and did a fantastic job ‘herding cats’ and managing some crazy aunt behavior! He’s very positive, patient, outgoing, adaptable, and I could go on and on with adjectives. Bottom line: He knows what he is doing and you will be more than satisfied if you choose him as your wedding photographer.”

“After looking at approximately 25 different photographer’s wedding photos we decided to book with Mike Greener of Greener Visuals.  There is no comparison.  He is the best.  Mike works incredibly hard to capture the story, the love, and the entire feeling of the day.  He creates a relaxed environment while working hard, running around getting incredible shots.  He takes his time to get a feel for the area he’s working with and has a creative eye for knowing what is going to look amazing.  We have gotten more complements on our photos than I can count.  We are so happy with everything Mike did for us! Thank you, Mike, for capturing our wonderful day.”


“Mike Greener is an AMAZING photographer and businessman. He was flexible and open minded when it came to our wants and needs as clients. He has an eye for such natural and story telling photos. He has a sense of humor and knows how to make a bride feel at ease on such a stressful day. He was there from start to finish on our big day. That was one thing that I really wanted in a photographer. I didn’t want a “4 hour package”. I wanted someone to document our journey from morning to night. Mike outdid himself and I am so thankful we hired him for our wedding photographer. When I look back at my wedding photos, I feel as though I am reliving the best day of my life. We would not change ANYTHING about our experience with Greener Visuals.”

“I’ve always had trouble relaxing around photographers — but not Mike!  He put me at ease from the moment I met him.  Mike manages to make photography fun.  At the same time, he also takes seriously his commitment to photograph important life moments.   He is enthusiastic, reliable and hard-working.  He works well with family and friends of all ages.  He did a beautiful job with our wedding and our engagement party, and now I never want to work with anyone else.   Two of Mike’s greatest strengths are his candid photos and action shots.   He really knows how to capture a moment — whether it was our first kiss as husband and wife, the breaking of the glass, or our special moments on the dance floor, Mike’s camera caught those moments and preserved them for us forever.   I’d recommend Mike to others in a heartbeat — for weddings and all other occasions!”

“Josh and I got married last year in Charleston, South Carolina. Mike was incredible! He flew across the country to come photograph our wedding and we couldn’t have been happier. We tell stories about Mike when we get together with our family and friends about how hard he worked and captured every special moment from start to finish. Everyone loved Mike at our wedding and ask for his info all the time. Mike will slide across dance floors in dripping sweat to make sure he gets every perspective of the wedding. His pictures really tell a great story and he is so easy to work with on top of his great personality!”



No two weddings are alike and each couple might have questions that we have yet to answer. We’ve always found it much more helpful to meet in person or via Skype to tackle questions and answers regarding your wedding photography. Get in touch and we can set up a time to have you into my photography studio where we can get to know each other, hear more about your plans and we can tell you more about the photo awesomeness we can provide you on your big day!

Reach out and let’s discover the best version of you.