In Bozeman, Montana, we are lucky to know where our food comes from and to have a connection with the families producing that food and selling it at farmers’ markets and through community-supported agriculture (CSA) programs.

Bozeman farm culture has been a photographic interest of mine since I was a young photographer in college. I love the concept of eating local, the commitment of these stewards of the land and their endless pursuit to encourage healthier lifestyles. They have a positive, educational impact on the communities they serve.

Four years ago while out on assignment for the daily newspaper, I met Gallatin Valley Botanical Farm owners Matt & Jacy Rothschiller and their two children who operate a small Bozeman farm in Montana with a dedication to organic production of high-quality produce. I wanted to document their lives working on the farm that helps sustain the community around them. What started as an assignment turned into a friendship. Over the course of the last four years, I’ve returned to their colorful and peaceful Bozeman farm fields with my with my camera to document the growth of their family and their ever-growing organic enterprise.  This is an ongoing photographic project.

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