I recently photographed the winter newborn family portrait session of Becca and David in Bozeman, Montana.

One of my favorite things about my photography business is the opportunity to celebrate the good news of friends.

I’ve known Becca and David for over eight years now. These two have been constant, friendly faces at potlucks and local public events during my time living here in Bozeman. Becca, a Louisiana native, hosts an annual Mardi Gras party with her authentic gumbo family recipe. Living in the mountains far away in Montana. it’s a meal not to be missed.

These two work hard to elevate their community through their work roles at Montana State University and the City of Bozeman. It’s been fun to witness the evolution of their lives over the years here in Bozeman. It’s such a gift for me to have them in my Bozeman circle of friends.

This past year brought a new kind of excitement for them. They welcomed the arrival of their twin boys Will and Charlie.

Becca and David are over-the-moon with excitement to be parents.

During our conversations, each kept expressing just how much fun they were having seeing their sons explore their new world. They have found new joys in how each parent has brought their own brand of love into their new family. Becca absolutely cherishes seeing David in his new dad role. Soaking up the thought of him playing his part to cradle and take care of their young boys. Likewise, David cherishes seeing how Becca brings a sense of wonder into the boys lives. His favorite is when she sings sweet, silly nonsense songs to them throughout the day. It warms his heart every time.

They wanted their winter newborn family portrait session to be a celebration of their new family. A reminder to let their new kiddos know just how much their parents love them.

The day of their newborn family portrait session, the cold weather limited our mobility outside with the newborns. We first explored their house and then bundled up the kids for a short walk in their nearby park. These are some of my favorites from our time together. I look forward to seeing this family grow up. -M