Frenchtown Farm Wedding Day Photos of Kitty and Nick

  • Frenchtown-Montana-Fall-Farm-Wedding-Day-Photos

Back in late August, I had the absolute pleasure of photographing the Frenchtown farm wedding day photos of Kitty and Nick.

Years ago, this couple met on a chance encounter while individually hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Both felt a strong connection to one another from the start. They both shared a love of the outdoors, a connection with the land and working with their hands. So it wasn’t a stretch when these two got the idea to buy property and start a CSA farm in Frenchtown, Montana.

For their DIY farm wedding day, Kitty and Nick wanted to emphasize their little slice of agricultural paradise with the people that mattered most to them. Their farm has been a place they’ve put their heart and soul into and wanted showcase it’s treasures.

They hosted their closest friends and family to their Frenchtown, Montana farm for an evening of celebration. Every detail to their wedding day was a homegrown touch. They served food grown from their land. Grew homegrown flowers from their gardens to make bouquets and the dried flowers thrown at their ceremony. Each guest received live plant party gifts for their wedding favors.

Every detail was a wonderful reflection of Kitty and Nick’s shared passions and was an authentic personal touch to share their story with their loved ones. Topped off with pleasant, warm Montana fall weather, the day held all the ingredients to make a lovely, authentic wedding celebration.

It was a grand day and such a delight to celebrate these two awesome humans.

Here are some favorite moments from their Frenchtown farm wedding Day photos I made throughout the day. I could not be more excited for these two. Congrats you guys and I wish you many years of happiness! -M

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