I’ve been working with Cravins Adventure Lunches in Bozeman, Montana to photograph On-location lifestyle Product and studio Photos.

This family-owned Bozeman sandwich shop creates delicious lunch options for local fly fishing guides and their clients. They strive to make the experience easy by organizing lunches for their guides’ clients and packing their meals in biodegradable containers

Back in early March, the pandemic essentially shut down Montana’s local fishing economy. Impacted by this pause in business, Cravins took the initiative. Moreover, they decided to redesign their website and update their visual content to elevate their brand during this downtime. They wanted their visual brand to better reflect and resonate with the clientele they serve.

So for their Spring 2020 Marketing Campaign, I was hired to photograph on-location product lifestyle photos and studio portraits of their lunch offerings. We wanted to show anglers enjoying their lunches on the river. Equally importantly, we wanted to create clean, well-lit studio photographs of their lunches for their website and marketing outlets.

I love commercial photography projects like this. They allowed me to do what I do best – telling stories with photographs to foster connection and to solve client’s visual challenges. In doing so, it allowed Cravins Adventure Lunches to better resonate with their target audience.

I spent a lot of time listening and understanding the needs of Cravins Adventure Lunches. We wanted to make the best business portraits and on-location product lifestyle photographs possible.

Through good communication, we were able to clearly identify how best to convey their brand and message. We decided to photograph the project over two days. First, would be in their commercial kitchen for studio photos and the second day on location of the Lower Madison River. As a result, I delivered a variety of creative, visual options.

Alas, early spring rains forced us to reschedule our Madison River on-location session a few times. Eventually, our patience for a perfect day on the river was rewarded. The guides models and I found a good weather window to complete our photo needs.

I’m really happy with how Cravins Adventure Lunches Spring 2020 Marketing Campaign turned out.

These photos below are some of my favorite that I made during this project. I’m so glad I could be a part of this project. -M


A few weeks back, I created a series of environmental business portraits of Katie Smith, of Wild Path Consulting.

Katie Smith is a seasoned marketing professional and owner of Wild Path Consulting. Through Wild Path Consulting, Katie is a catalyst for businesses that care about the future of the planet. How does she do this? She provides strategic marketing consulting to help these organizations succeed and adapt fluidly. With her expertise, her clients remain flexible in how they position their products and services through social impact marketing.

I was excited to chat with Katie to discuss headshots and photos to convey Wild Path Consulting. My goal with each client is to ask the right questions. From these conversations, I can understand my client’s values, who they serve, and what they want to showcase.

With Katie, my goal became to bridge her love and experience of working in the outdoors with her marketing communication skillset she brings to the brands she serves.

From our time in the field and behind the lens, we created some diverse, environmental business portraits of her. These photos help tell the story of Wild Path Consulting. Now, Katie can have the visual content to showcase her marketing and communications brand. Each potential client now instantly has a strong vision of who she is and the values of Wild Path Consulting. Her photos highlight her bond with the outdoors, her connection to those who value a healthy, sustainable future, and her excellent professionalism.

Katie is an adventure enthusiast and a self-professed marketing nerd.

She studied environmental science and psychology during her undergrad studies.

The idea that high-level marketing can be used for good and connection inspired her to hang up her outdoor guiding career and pursue a Master of Public Relations degree. Katie’s Wild Path Consulting business has since evolved into a career helping rebels and disruptors bring their business ideas to life.

Here are some of my favorite business portraits from our time together. -M


Last week, I had the pleasure of photographing East Gallatin River engagement portraits of Addie and Nate on her family ranch in Belgrade, Montana.

After a three year pause, it was wonderful to recconnect with this great couple and make some engagement portraits of them.

Back in 2017, these two hired me to photograph their wedding at Bridger Bowl Ski Area with 100 guests. They wanted to celebrate their community of loved ones in the mountains – rain or shine. They were so excited.

But, over the next couple of months, Addie and Nate discovered that the addition of planning for their wedding day (inbetween the busyness of finishing school and both working demanding jobs) had become a bit too much to juggle. So, Addie and Nate made the decision to postpone their wedding day to a later date.

Enter Spring 2020.

A few weeks back, they reached out to let me know that the time for their wedding celebration had come. We began finalizing their new wedding plans at the 320 Guest Ranch. We also scheduled time to have their East Gallatin River engagement portraits with their dogs on her family ranch outside of Belgrade.

These two met in 2012 during a chance encounter at a country swing dance.

For Addie, she was drawn to Nate’s gentleness and uncanny ability to make her laugh even on her toughest days. His sense of adventure keeps their relationship fresh and new.

Nate grew up in Bozeman and thought he had explored all there was to see around his hometown. Nate loves and cherishes how Addie has helped him experience those familiar places in a whole new way.

For their couples portrait experience, they wanted to hightlight a place that held a meaningful connection for their relationship. We headed out to Addie’s family ranch along the East Gallatin River that ended up being the perfect location. It was a special place they had spent a lot of time together in.

We Explored some of their favorite fishing holes and played with their dogs in the tall grass along river bank. Our photo session had all the ingredients to make some fun, meaningful photos that showcase their relationship. I’m looking forward to celebrating these two on their upcoming wedding day in July!

Here are some favorite photos from our afternoon together. -M